Different Loving of Little Rock

Rules & Etiquette

  1. No alcoholic beverages or drugs will be tolerated. 
  2. Genital-to-genital and genital-to-mouth activities are not allowed.
  3. Smoking is allowed at the discretion of the host and in designated areas only.
  4. No blood sports or breath play. Needle play is acceptable (provide your own sharps container). 
  5. In the social areas you must wear clothing appropriate to cover the private areas.
  6. The "play" party is separate from the "munch." (Only members and sponsored guests are allowed to attend the play party.) Attending the play party does not mean you HAVE to play. Watching and learning are encouraged.
  7. ALL DECISIONS OF THE DUNGEON MASTER/MISTRESS ARE FINAL. To help maintain the safety of all during play, a Dungeon Master/Mistress (DM) will be designated. Only the DM may get involved in a "scene" and then only if there is a safety issue involved. Every measure will be made to protect the safety of all involved.
  8. The group safe word is "red." No one will be forced into any situation in which they are not comfortable. The choice is always yours. When this word is used, everyone has the right/responsibility to step in and offer his/her help.
  9. The play areas will be public at all times.
  10. Keep a safe distance both verbally and physically from those involved in a session.
  11. Personal conflicts should be resolved in private.
  12. DLLR is not liable nor responsible for lost objects or injuries.
  13. We will leave the play areas cleaned and picked up.
  14. We require that everyone arrive at the play party wearing street legal clothing as to not attract undue attention to our host's home. Also the toys that are brought in need to be covered if they are obvious (e.g. spreader bars, canes, etc.). 
  15. Photographs, video and audio recordings and any and all other means of recording are strictly forbidden without prior approval from the DLLR committee, and even then you must have permission granted by the subject. This includes camera phones.
  16. Discretion is absolutely necessary. Please use common sense. Please do not share information about our locations or activities to others outside the group. If you do talk about DLLR Private Members to someone you may be inviting as a guest or to join, impress upon them the need for this discretion as well.
  17. What you hear or see at the functions stays there! Also, please don't approach others from the group in public. They may be with friends, family or business associates who are unaware of their interests. 
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